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2018-03-31. Trusc releases 2018 pricing

Dear Trusc Client,

First and foremost, we would like to sincerely thank you for your loyal support over the last 17 years.

We have grown considerably since we introduced the first wireless commercial network to South Africa back in 2001. We now run a fibre enabled backhaul, next generation, self-healing network which has enabled us to bring you enterprise class services such as streaming media, low latency gaming and IP telephony with all the bells and whistles that go along with those services.

2018 has already been a year of many changes and sometimes hardships for us as South Africans. We have had a change of President, the Western Cape is suffering from one the most severe droughts in our history and now our Minister of Finance has decided to tax us all even more by increasing VAT!

This has prompted us to release our annual price changes earlier than our usual time frame of August.

Fortunately we have been able to continue our trend of reducing our package prices even with this VAT increase and the poor economic state of the country.

In line with this we are able to reduce our pricing on almost all of our mainstream package classes:
BRONZE packages will reduce on average by 11%.
SOHO packages will reduce on average by 5%.
GOLD packages will reduce on average by 5%.
PLATINUM packages will reduce on average by 6%.

Since our only price increase back in 2012 we have been able to continuously reduce our prices and increase our product offering to bring you faster and more reliable Internet than ever before. Unfortunately economics have dictated that we are not able to reduce the price of our SILVER packages. We have however been able to keep the increase to a bare minimum and the largest increase has been a mere R50 which includes the mandatory VAT increase.
The SILVER packages will subsequently increase on average by 6%.

On a more positive note we have also been able to release our installation free version of our entry level range of SOHO packages for those clients that have difficulty entering the market, this all in addition to the 5% price reduction on those packages.

Full details of all our new prices are available on the Trusc website

Our pricing adjustments will take effect on all invoices issued from the 1st of April onwards.
All clients please note!
Our monthly services are billed in advance, around the 20th of the month for service in the following month. This means that the payments that you make towards the end of March / early April, depending on your service date will not change. It is only the next invoicing run that will be affected.

Please be sure to pay the amounts listed on your invoices going forward. As usual if you have any queries you may contact our support centre and admin departments by telephone on 087 020 0000 or drop admin an email to


The Trusc Team

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Press Releases 2018
2018-03-31. Trusc releases 2018 pricing